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Brand Introduction
Changchun changguang chenxin optoelectronic technology co., ltd. was founded by experienced CMOS image sensor designer and semiconductor physicist at the end of 2012, focusing on the design, development, testing and sales of high-performance CMOS image sensor. Since its establishment, has successfully developed many new high performance CMOS image sensors, including high resolution target surface GMAX GSENSE, high sensitivity, low noise, and high-speed line array GL series, widely used in scientific imaging, industrial inspection, medical imaging, astronomy and ultraviolet imaging and other fields, product performance has reached the international leading level. At the same time, changguangchenxin optoelectronics undertakes chip customization business to provide customized CMOS image sensor for professional applications.
Product Series
COMS image sensor /CCD.
Application Areas
Scientific instruments and equipment life science high resolution industrial detection high speed industrial detection ultraviolet imaging
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