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RK Rose+Krieger

Name:RK Rose+Krieger


Brand Introduction
RK ROSE + KRIEGER, Phoenix Mecano group's brand. Develop and produce a wide range of products to meet the needs of simple and economical customer building and assembly. The high degree of compatibility makes it possible to flexibly build a complete system using different sets of products. Products can be easily disassembled, modified, or even assembled into new systems. RK ROSE + KRIEGER offers system solutions that include connectivity, BLOCAN, aluminum, serial, linear components, and highly compatible systems. As a global supplier, RK ROSE + KRIEGER in the system has accumulated rich experience and solutions, with its innovative design and high quality flexible products at home and abroad to win the trust of many customers and praise. RK ROSE + KRIEGER will continue to innovate and provide new products for industrial development.
Product Series
Pipe fittings, industrial stairs, ITAS, linear guide rails, straight rails, lifting columns and electric cylinders, etc.
Application Areas
Instrumentation industry / Automation
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